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Heal Your Energy and Feel Great

Chakra Healing

The secret art of happiness and spiritual enlightenment, can be yours today. Why? And more importantly, how? Ever heard of Reiki? This effective, ancient healing method, allows energy to correctly flow, by realigning the seven Chakras.

When energy is trapped within our body/mind, (possibly due to emotional or physical pain or distress), we may be tired, fed up, resulting our thoughts and words to be negative, redundant, and pessimistic. This challenging pattern becomes a part of us, changing the essence of who we are; manifesting itself through illness, disease, emotional imbalances, and spiritual blockage, and potentially harming our world from health and happiness.

Did you know you can heal your own energy? You can feel great again! I always advise my readers to exercise caution by consulting with a physician first. Please take care of yourself, once you’re cleared, join the rest of us in meditation!

Now, let’s meditate! While relaxing, envision yourself healthy, happy, surrounded by Light and Love; I always use a beautiful hand-crafted portable Chakra healer made from Swarovski Crystals. If you wish to purchase one, the price is $12.99, (normally $14.99), use code: WP-CHAKRA and email directly with your order details, thank you.

With this amazing tool I can clear my every Chakra, starting from the Root, working my way up to the Crown, using my imagination. I guide each Chakra to release old habits, negative thoughts, and past hurt, mentally seeing myself letting go, and replacing darkness with healing Light. I send love to each force center with positive words and feelings. I manifest my every dreams, achieve all goals beyond my expectations, because I believe in myself, I love who I am, and respect the Law of the Universe. Knowing that each change I wish to see, directly or indirectly, begins with me. I want you to have this as well, because you are deserving, all you have to do is believe you can. Come from a place of love, be thankful for who you are, love yourself, and remember, you hold the power of change, and finally resulting a better life for you and loved ones!

Prayer and guide to the 7 Chakras:

The secret art of inviting happiness and improvement of mind and body.

At least for today:

  • Do not be angry
  • Do not worry
  • Be grateful
  • Work with diligence
  • Be kind to people

Every morning and evening, join your hands in meditation and pray with your heart.
State in your mind and chant with your mouth.

Usui Reiki Ryōhō.

The founder,
Mikao Usui.



7th Crown Chakra, Color Violet. Spirit will, wisdom, oneness, understanding. Sound: EE


6th The third eye/brow Chakra, Color Indigo. Psychic knowledge, vision, thought, imagination. Sound: IH


5th Throat Chakra, Color Turquoise. Communication, self-expression, speech. Sound: EH


4th Heart Chakra, Color Green. Love, acceptance, allowance, balance, compassion. Sound: AH


3rd Solar Plexus Chakra, Color Yellow. Mental functioning, ego, sense of self, freedom. Sound: AW


2nd Sacral Chakra, Color Orange. Emotions, creativity, sexual energy. Sound: OH


1st Root Chakra , Color Red. Vitality, Kundalini energy, instinct, security, survival. Sound: OO


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