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Increase your site visibility

How to set yourself apart from the rest, be visible!


A Blissful Skin is an ongoing project dating back to 2010; through the years I’ve learned a few imperative tips which made  branding fun and unique. Every startup business faces similar challenges, did you know branding and developing a following, are top priority?

1. Own it, differentiate yourself!

In business management it’s called Unique Selling Proposition (USP), this is what gives your small business a competitive advantage, making it marketable by creating awareness across the World Wide Web.

Do you know your clients needs? Are you able to capture their interests? Something I’ve learned is that “A sale is complete once the client comes back and/or has sent you a personal referral…”.

You must prove to your clients and visitors that you are on top of your game, you know your industry, and that you are the exclusive entity that is honest and has their backs! That’s how you build loyalty and a following.

2. How do you drive traffic to your site?

Fun fact : “Did you know your prospects need to see your marketing message up to twenty-seven times before they even notice you?”

Do you know the importance of an online presence and how to position yourself to maximize ROI (return on investment)?

Your small business must be unique, set it up on a variety of marketing and social media platforms. I love social media marketing, I find it easy and fun, once you grasp the concepts, you too will enjoy engaging with your prospects!

By connecting all of your platforms, potential clients, friends and family will read your Tweets, view your Facebook updates, LIKE your Facebook business page, follow you on Instagram, subscribe to your site, read your online articles and watch your YouTube video, they can’t help themselves, you’ll stand out and this will tremendously help your business go viral.

One of the greatest moments of A Blissful Skin was when my friends in Switzerland and Italy said, “Wow, she is everywhere! How in the world can she do it?” Once they ask themselves this question, the natural next step is for them to find out more about your small business and refer you out to friends and family!

3. Teach don’t Preach!

Education is the magical key in relationship building! Why? Because sharing knowledge makes prospects feel that you’re not in it just for the money but to actually help them. Your reader needs to trust and ultimately learn from you before he or she is ready to make a purchase, or invest in your services.

Remember, only post valuable information, educational tips, advice, tools from your industry, be sure to make it an easy read and spellcheck before publishing.

Hope you enjoyed this, please leave any feedback you may have, I cherish my readers and followers 🙂

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