Is your face the roadmap to health?

Your skin is trying to speak, … listen …

Our face is the roadmap to health;  face mapping has been around for centuries, used in traditional Chinese medicine, which observes the appearance/feel of the skin, by determining the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. Acupuncturists, doctors, homeopathy, nurses, aestheticians, massage therapists, use this practice in better evaluating  patients seeking an alternative  to Western medicine, by naturally healing the body from inside out.

The Forehead – Intestinal imbalance

Breakouts in this area is an indication of colon congestion or purging and cleansing are occurring. If the area is red, it may be an indication of excessive intake of stimulating foods, salt, red meat, or dairy products. If the are appears white, too much sugar consumption, artificial ingredients, drugs, caffeine, or fruit (which contain natural sugars), may be the problem. Moderation is always best.

Lips – Stomach

Cracked and dry lips may be a warning the intestines are not working properly, or our diet is high in preservative content. Lipsticks contain dyes, which compromise mouth and saliva enzymes by inhibiting proper digestion.

Vertical line between the eyes – Liver

Liver malfunctions, disorders and weaknesses may be caused by alcohol, drugs, poor diet, excessive preservatives, don’t ignore this signal, pancreatic cancer is the fourth silent killer in the United States.

Lines on either sides of the brow bone – Spleen

The spleen, know as the filtering organ, once clogged will create stress-related illnesses, and behavioral changes. The lines on either side of the brow bone, may also be linked to tight shoulder area, (again stress related), which may indicate a malfunction of the adrenal glands.

Under eyes darkening – Kidneys

If under eyes begin darkening to brown or black, it may be a sign of kidneys malfunction. If the area also becomes irritated, red, swollen, too many rich foods are part of the diet, alcohol, and/or nicotine, drugs, or other substances may be the cause of the problem.

Nose redness – Male reproductive organs

Redness around the nose, in males, may signal prostate gland malfunction. Similar to the forehead, redness around the nose may also indicate excessive salt, red meat or dairy products consumption; if area surrounding the nose is white, then too much intake of sugar, artificial ingredients, drugs, caffeine or fruit may be the problem.

Tip of the nose redness – Heart

Expanded capillaries, swollen tissue, redness, may indicate heart conditions and high blood pressure.

Cheek area and/or nostrils irritation – Lungs

If the cheek area and/or  irritations in the nostrils consists of blackheads, white heads, the person may have bronchial problems and frequent colds, may also be another sign of poor diet, too much sugar, and dairy products.

Mouth – Stomach

Irritation surrounding the mouth and lips, may indicate poor digestion, and lack of enzyme in the stomach acid.

Chin – Female reproductive organs

Hormonal imbalances in women are manifested on the chin with breakouts, which cause migraines, mood swings, yeast infections, irregular menstruation. Chin breakouts are red and bumpy, cystic like, and painful, depending on the condition. These types of breakouts may continue for months, hormonal therapy may be a solution, however, it may mean a type of weakness in the reproductive organs.

A balanced diet, proper exercise, daily skin care regimen, stress reduction with meditation, are simple ways to achieve optimal health, and the road to a healthy complexion! Let’s begin today!

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