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The Perfect Arch

The Perfect Arch

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The Secret to a Perfect Brow Shape

Grooming your Brows to Perfection

How many out there have perfect brows? Look around, pay attention, then answer ….. are you happy with your own shape? Do you suffer from “The parting of the Red Seas” syndrome? Maybe your brows are non-existent? Perhaps you have the permanent surprised, or shocked look?

Brow shape dilemma is a problem affecting males and females across the globe. Yes, I did include males as well. Have you ever encountered a man with ridiculously arched brows? One of the many thoughts that come to mind is : “Bad, bad, bad aesthetician!, what on earth were you thinking????”.

My passion for skin care goes beyond products, treatments, and advice, I truly love eyebrows, and to see individuals walking around with butchered brows is heart breaking.

Are you aware that eyebrows are the frame of the face? Do you know they alter your look? Also, do you realize that poorly groomed brows diminish your best facial features? Just find out for yourself, observe by taking a good look at everyone’s brows, I would like for you to return to my web-page and leave a feedback about this topic.

I will post a few images of poor looking shapes, please understand that ruining your shape takes A LOT of effort, unlike grooming, to over tweeze, wax, or thread, one must go out of his or her way in order to accomplish these sacrilegious, horrific, beauty faux-pas!

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