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Tip of the Day: Business

What Not To Do! Avoid Being The Next Victim to Identity Theft …

Be proactive, take initiative by learning what triggers online identity theft. Did you know changing passwords monthly, and securely disposing important documents in shredders regularly greatly decreases online identify theft by 97%?

Do you work in a shared computer environment such as a Real Estate Brokerage? Or are you a student who frequents computer labs? Do you use wireless services? Be sure the network joined is “secured”, meaning password protected.

Please take great caution when changing computers or even printers, make sure you keep or wipe the hard drive of all your personal and business data. Also, when browsing, use incognito tabs, once your session comes to an end, delete your history.

Why not follow the proper steps to keep your personal information safe? Protect your business, increase your ROI instead of having to chase identify thieves.

Have a great day and be safe this Memorial Weekend!

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