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Shoulders and Back

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Pampering our faces is relaxing and provided by many salons, spas, and medi-spas; treatments vary depending on individual needs. If you are prone to shoulders and back breakouts, stop hiding under your clothes, book a wonderful Back-Facial today!

Before you run to the doctor, have a back facial, it cleanses, tones, exfoliates, massages (please don’t expect a deep tissue or a swedish one), masks, and moisturizes your back and shoulders. A series of back facials may help your skin circulation by banishing blemishes.

Extraction may be beneficial if properly performed, combined with a great home-care regimen, skin improvements can be seen within a few weeks. If you work out, have a back up shirt to change into, this will prevent further breakouts or irritation of an existing one. Depending on the skin condition, back massages may be avoided for some time, because it stimulates oil glands and can clog pores all over again, always consult with a professional first and if the problem is persistent, seek medical advice.

Many reasons contribute to shoulders and back acne, one of them being the constant scratching of pimples, which bacteria may spread to clear pores, resulting in more breakouts and irritation. Using calming agents such as lavender mixed with eucalyptus can sooth the skin, leaving you refreshed and clean.

Gender, ethnicity, nor age make a difference, treat yourself to a delightful back facial, and improve your all over body complexion as well! With Father’s Day fast approaching, go ahead and purchase your loved one a certificate for this heavenly service, what a great gift idea!!!

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