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The 3 Truths About Peels

Chemical Peels

The 3 Truths About Peels

Actual testimonials of REAL people who preformed DIY peels. Please be sure to receive services from a skin care professional!

1. Used my glycolic peel last night and got distracted… my face is covered with weeping sores, I look like I’ve been scraped along the road… I’m really upset. Please help! I used 50% glycolic acid. I usually do it for 2-3 mins which results in a bit of flaking for 3-4 days. I was doing my hair at the same time and got distracted, so it was on for 5 mins and the only thing which doesn’t hurt is sudocreme. If anyone has any suggestions or has had a serious peel in a salon and knows what to expect I would be really grateful.  ~ Liz

2. I gave myself a GA peel and seemed fine (30% GA, 2.1 PH and 6-8 minutes). then this past monday I did another after about 3 weeks after my last … Anyways it burned the sides of my chin and scabbed over, a lot worst than I ever had and I look horrible!!! The scabs hurt, itch, and I must visit a dermatologist for help. Anything I can do to improve this???! Will this leave red marks?  My entire face and neck are discolored! Help! ~ Lori

3. I JUST USED A 60% GLYCOL/LACTIC acid peel from skin laboratory and I got a burnt on the upper part of my lip and my chin!!! I accidentally scrubbed too hard with my cotton pad when I was using water after leaving it for more than 10 mins on!! S**T What should I do? I can literally see the NEXT layer of skin beneath… OMG! ~ Anonymous

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