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Tips for a fresher look

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Every day is a different one, which goes for our skin as well. I would like to share a few of my favorite tips in achieving a fresher and glowing look. Let’s face it, we don’t always wake up feeling and looking our best, but we can turn it around by following a few steps.

  • A cup of green tea is a great way to begin your daily routine, it promotes antioxidant activity and lower chances of free radical problems. It is calming and relaxing, so stop stressing and enjoy the beautiful morning.
  • Vitamin A is a miracle worker, it soothes and rejuvenates the skin and prevents sun damage, so eat plenty of sweet potato, carrots, mangoes, spinach and milk.
  • If you crave something sweet, try eating cherries! They are energy boosters and raise blood sugar levels slowly, (so you don’t come crashing down), they are antiviral, anti-allergic, antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory, anti tumor, and antioxidant. Cherry Up!
  • A quick exercise, spend 15-20 minutes walking, jogging, swimming, or any kind of cardio work-out;  you’ll feel great and your kind heart will thank you for it!
  • Use “radiance-booster” skin care products, they eliminate fine lines, smooth complexion, tighten the skin, and provide a healthy glow.
  • Bronzers are WONDERFUL! Giving you a sun-kissed effect, without the damage and pre-mature wrinkles. Use on cheekbones, temples, down the bridge of the nose, and the center of the neck for a glowing refreshed look.
  • Brighten your outfit, a little flash of pink, orange, maybe blue, is a great way to cheer up emotions, which will brighten your smile! Try it, you are worth it!
  • Wear your hair up high, in a sleek and tidy pony tail, it pulls the skin up towards the crown, making it appear taut and smooth, not to mention classy. If you have short hair, use the right products to enhance curls or add shine if straight, keep it simple and trendy.
  • Always carry a pair of sunglasses with you, (especially if eyes are puffy), they protect from sun damage and premature aging.
  • Standing tall and SMILING, are instant self-esteem boosters, by doing so, you are telling the world you’re confident, secure, and open. Not to mention smiling is contagious, and you can make another persons day, so SMILE AWAY!!!

Have a great day! Please share this post with your family and friends, thank you!

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