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DIY Pumpkin-Honey Treatment



Pumpkin Facial To Glowing Skin?

This blog is for you Winter, thanks infinity for your love and ongoing support =)

Lacking radiance while being short on time and funds? You stopped by the Right Blog!  How about a DIY Pumpkin-Honey Facial to perk up your complexion, while getting rid of unnecessary toxins? Did you know that pumpkins contain special enzymes making them excellent mask ingredient for all skin types? A few facts about  pumpkins: they’re high in Vitamin A (skin healing), C (anti-oxidant) and Zinc, which soothes, moisturizes and act as a carriers, all while  assisting other ingredients move deeper into the epidermis, while intensifying the desired end results.


  • Medium mixing bowl;
  • Facial brush;
  • Puree, cooked fresh or canned pumpkin;
  • Plain yogurt;
  • Raw honey;
  • Finely ground almonds;
  • Extra virgin olive oil.

Follow the 12 Steps:

  1. Once you gather all ingredients, let the transformation begin!
  2. Begin by mixing 2 1/2 cups of puree, or canned pumpkin.
  3. Add 4 1/2 tablespoons plain yogurt,
  4. 4 1/2 tablespoons honey,
  5. 1 and 1/4 cup ground almonds,
  6. 3/4 teaspoon olive oil.
  7. Mix well until all ingredients form a paste,
  8. Apply to clean skin, be sure the face is not fully dry, the enzymes will  activate and adhere to moist skin,
  9. Relax in your tub for 7 -12 minutes, if tub is not an option, then run the shower as hot as you can until the bathroom is steamy,
  10. Be sure to remove the mask with a wet, warmed face-towel,
  11. Once the mask is off, use an alcohol-free toner, which will re-balance the skin’s ph levels,
  12. One time a week for sensitive skin, 2 times a week for combination skin, and 3 times weekly for oily skin.

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