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Your Top 3 Conversion Rules


Know your prospects by capturing interests, and convert more leads!

Business is business, in today’s digital world e-commerce B2B (business to business), is a perfect way to work remotely from anywhere, making blogging a big Vavavooom for many of us.

How do you create a loyal following? Why should your readers choose/click you instead of the next link? Of course you’re awesome, you know your stuff, and your greatness is unparalleled, but how do you capture consumers interests?

Today, I want to share a few tips with you, relating to all businesses across the World Wide Web, so sit tight, pay attention, and implement what you feel works best for you and your niche.

Please comment and share your thoughts, I’m here to learn as well 🙂

1. Do you know your purpose?

When visitors enter your site “Dadaaaa”! Is your purpose clear? How do your pages render? You must be crystal clear to what services you’re offering and how they benefit your prospect’s needs.

Make sure your website is easy to read, navigate, and links work properly, it takes 7 seconds to lose your prospect, which means they most likely never return, and if they do, you’re lucky but their brain is already wired to click away or the back button.

2. BOLD your benefits.

Your visitors use your website to facilitate or solve a situation or problem they may be facing, so be as clear as possible and persuade them to remain on your page, because your services are exactly what they’re looking for!! Look no further Mr. Or Ms. Prospect!

You must convince your readers that you’re in fact the guru of your niche, why? Because you are!!! Use bold lettering to make important facts stand out. Remember, capturing their interests is what will convert your leads.

3. Be real, be simple, be you!

Be yourself, like-minded people attract one another, so don’t pretend and don’t fib, be your own self, engage with your followers and use humor. Laughter is the best medicine, you never know what people are facing, so be their light, be positive, and kind, mostly be yourself.

I find that browsing and searching comes easy to me, (years of practice), but not everyone has the time nor the patience, so be sensitive to your readers, they may have been searching for hours looking for answers, keep your paragraphs short, to the point, and factual.

Thank you for reading, please remember to“Pass the Blog”!!!

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