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Luscious Skin Secrets

Having beautiful, soft skin isn’t always easy due to external factors which may potentially be dehydrating or/and harmful to the body’s largest organ. So, how do you keep your skin supple, healthy with a glowing look? Who else wants the ultimate secret to a smoother, more luscious, and dazzling skin? How can we protect this vital organ from pollution, climate changes, medication, and allergies? Why should we compromise our natural skin by depriving it from nourishment, hydration, and pliability?  Why not achieve a blissful glow by increasing our fluid intake, adding vitamin supplements, and using restorative products?

My mom is by far one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, she looks 30 years younger than her age; she’s well-educated, strong, and intelligent … I’m not saying this because she’s my mother, but because it’s the honest truth. She’s thought me the importance of skin care maintenance by protecting and nourishing it in every possible way, making it an imperative factor in slowing down the aging process. Growing up I didn’t pay much attention to it, however, the daily tips, comments, and continuous advice stuck with me, and today I follow them. My favorite is Vaseline Coco-Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil, this is a cheap product and goes a long way by leaving my skin with amazing results. I invite all of my readers and followers to give it a try to share all feedback and advice with me, I want to learn what your thoughts are.

Quick Overview

The way I use this magnificent product is in the shower, … yup, you read it right, in the shower. Right after taking a shower and before drying myself off with a towel, I will generously apply the gel body oil all over my body. This awesome product leaves the skin healthy and hydrated, light reflects off the rich color below the surface, giving it an amazing natural glow and supple feel/look. Enriched with natural minerals is also great for dry/brittle hair, or used for massage lotion as well.

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