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Quick and easy fixes

Let’s take 5 minutes to a healthier look!

A busy lifestyle should not interfere with our health nor our looks, but unfortunately it does!

Most of us feel our everyday obligations like  work, school, kids, finances or health, are priority over our needs, including our own personal time . By neglecting our inner needs, we are committing personal fraud! How can we care for others when we don’t care or listen to our personal necessities? What if starting right now we cater to ourselves as well?  Is it selfish? Is it right to take an extra 5 minutes when so much needs to be done?  Guess what?  YES, it’s ok! Let’s take our well deserved 5 minutes!

Together, let’s cherish who we are, with a few steps towards a healthier, happier, and radiant you! Boost self-esteem, raise confidence, and promote harmony all around you, your family and friends!!!


Vitamins C, E, and calcium are important for the skin, improvements from within are beneficial and may prevent premature aging.


Men or women suffer from cracked and chapped lips, honey is a natural moisturizer, spread it over your lips, and place a plastic wrap cut to size to cover them, leave for 5 minutes then remove. Your lips may feel soft and healthy again!


Did you know coffee may get rid of cellulite? After your morning coffee, take the used grounds to the shower, in a circular motion rub them into problem areas, they work as a body exfoliator to get rid of cellulite.


Headaches and migraines are triggered by several factors, food sensitivity being number one, and stress number two. If you are eating three healthy meals a day, which keeps blood sugar levels balanced, and you find yourself with a massive headache due to stress, take five minutes and meditate. You may want to try this technique before you take medication; close your eyes and gently shift awareness towards your breathing, as you inhale feel the oxygen cleansing your mind, body and inner soul, as you exhale, feel all negativity and impure thoughts leaving your entity, repeat the breathing exercise. As you find yourself focused in the breathing, allow positive energy flow through you, which may clear your mind from any pain.


Flowers are beautiful, they can also be helpful, did you know there are three particular kind that may help memory loss? If you are easily distracted, why not boost up the mind? Visit your local health food store and buy Rosemary, Madia, and Shasta Daisy oil, 3 drops of each 3 times a day; combining them is ideal for memory augmentation and focus.


Healthy absorption of nutrients means keeping stomach acid levels high enough, many times we rush and we compromise our meals in order to keep our everyday life in order; apple-cider vinegar is a natural healer/balancer, add 1 tablespoon to 8 ounces of water and drink at the beginning of each meal, it raises stomach acid levels and cleanses your body from within, you may see improvements in your hair, skin and nails, not to mention better digestion.

Thank you for reading!!!!

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