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Here’s a Quick Way to Heal your Lips

Napoleon Dynamite : “My lips hurt real bad!”

Classic! This one liner is by far one of the best quotes out there, why?  Because I can relate to it, considering my skin is sensitive and prone to allergies, my lips are also, what works for me? Carmex of course! Over the years I’ve tried and experimented with many different products, leaving my lips flaky, sticky, and most of all peeling … ugh … if you’re anything like me you can understand my frustration and at times annoyance towards the skin care industry, grrr! Lol!

Last year, around Christmas time, a good friend of mine re-introduced me to an old faithful product “Carmex” … perhaps she was tired of looking at my crackling lips? Maybe, but whatever the reason was, my overall look benefited by a million! This is not a joke, think about it, when you interact with people what do you notice first? Not being shallow here, just honest and truthful. I notice lips, eyes, and brows … so if you have severely chapped lips speaking can be difficult and at times painful.

Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm, 0.35 oz

My love and loyalty for carmex doesn’t stop at the usual tube, but it carries to their new cosmetic lip line as well, and I truly like the new tinted lip care, if you’re a woman like me who cannot wear many lipsticks or glosses, this is a perfect alternative until your lips heal or you find the right product.

Carmex Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm with SPF 15, Sheer Peach Tint

I hope these products help you as much as they’ve helped me, would love to hear your feedback and advice! Thank you for stopping by and as always “Pass the Blog”!!!

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