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Free and Clear

1. Never, never, never pick! You can spread the content deep into the oil gland and cause a cystic infection, and you can damage your pore by stretching and disfiguring it forever. When squeezing a pimple, you push the sebum down through the pore, and the pore can rupture. When it ruptures the impurities enter the oil gland and surrounding areas, ( yes, you can very well be your own acne cause) which may cause irritation, redness, and scarring. Instead, wash your face, give yourself a mask, relax, if you must stay away from the mirror, then do it! Picking is counterproductive as we all know, it causes pain, discomfort and emotional distress. With all this said, the more we say “don’t pick” the more prone we are to “pick away“! Reality is just that, how about a clean technique in picking? Yes! You heard right! Here are a few imperative tips, wash your face and hands, tone your skin with an alcohol-free toner, grab two Q-tips or two tissues, DO NOT USE YOUR BARE FINGERS, and gently ease the contents out of your skin. Follow with an antiseptic, tea tree oil is a great natural agent, dab the area clean. If you don’t follow this technique, you will introduce bacteria and create an infection, which means more and more pimples.

2. Don’t use soaps, astringents or toners that are alcohol based, they strip your skin from natural oils, and over dry the skin. Harsh products will make acne worse, your oil glands will overcompensate and secrete more oils, resulting in skin rashes, dermatitis, the skin will feel tight, rough, bumpy and will be the beginning of a vicious cycle of doctor visits, expensive products and antibiotics.

3. Before panicking about pimples, pay close attention where the breakout occurred, for example, your forehead has a few bumps near the hairline, check your hair products you use. Emollients, fragrances alcohol in shampoo, conditioner, gels, hair spray, mousse, can cause irritation of the skin. Either stop using these products or put a thick terry cloth headband around your forehead before working on your hair. What if your cheeks are breaking out and you are following every step? Well, start by changing your pillow case nightly, the oils from your hair could cause pimples. Also, you can use alcohol pads and clean your work phone or cell phone daily before you intend to use it.

4. Facials are GREEEAAATTT!!!! Too much of it, – exfoliation, facial massage ( which promotes oil production) – can causes irritation, and inflame your poor skin. A Facial every four weeks is a great way to keep up your skin regimen, let’s not forget our at home skin care with a bi-weekly mask and exfoliation, keep it simple and clear!

5. Your head has a neck for support, your hands are not needed, keep your hands off your face and to yourself! Try it, and you’ll see a great improvement.

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