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Do You Want Eternal Beauty?

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart

~Kahlil Gibran


How many people worry about aging? How many people say “Oh, another birthday, let’s not mention it, at my age I would rather lose count ….” ? Is this what Hollywood has done to mankind? Perhaps magazines? Don’t waste another year, celebrate, you’re BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Don’t you know beauty doesn’t age? Did you know beauty comes from within? When we’re happy, we glow and attract people who are positive and see our inner beauty, which magnifies our outer beauty as well, causing it to stand out while brightening the world we live in! Smile all the time, even when a birthday is approaching, have fun and cherish every moment, your skin will appreciate it too!

Little Secrets about Beauty


Positive and optimistic attitude is important and associated with youth, why you ask? According to statistics, it shows younger people have not experienced real life challenges, therefore they may appear happier and more upbeat, making them look younger than what they are … I disagree, there have been many instances where an individual faced a life threatening obstacle, illness, or some type of traumatic experience, but that very same individual chose to feel the pain and release it, leaving room for personal and spiritual growth, equating to a positive outlook in life, and eventually moving on. So, why not begin today, and try to do out best in loving ourselves, our age, our soul, and by doing so, let’s smile, the more you smile, the younger you look!


Dark circles, bags, or both? Don’t rush to a plastic surgeon yet, begin by changing your sleeping patterns. You may see a dramatic change from how you feel, to your complexion. Did you know lack of sleep dehydrates the skin? Causing breakouts, uneven color pigmentation, or/and dark patches in the eye area? Begin today! Promise yourself this now, you’ll do the very best in setting an earlier bedtime, by leaving your laptop on the desk, turn your phone off and don’t watch t.v, meditate, and drift your thoughts and mind toward a deep, sound sleep. Like everything, this too is a learned behavior, you may call it a learning process. Begin today, your goals towards wellness and a more beautiful you!


Did you know another secret to vibrant looking skin is exercise? Yes, you heard right, exercise helps you feel better about yourself, but it also helps your skin release any toxins via sweat glands. Don’t forget epidermal elasticity, by exercising regularly your body releases natural hormones making your face, neck, and all over appearance look and feel firmer. Give it a try! Exercise your way to beauty!


Look in your closet, what do you see? Do you like your wardrobe? Or is it time for an update? How do you look and feel? Keep up with changing times and trends! It feels good to look good! Meaning, wearing clothes that fit you, not too loose nor too tight! You deserve to feel and look your best in a casual setting, work environment, or special event, dress to impress yourself! When a person feels good, he or she may smile more, igniting and projecting their inner beauty to the outside world. Life is beautiful, not only due to nature, or things in it, but also because of people who actively make themselves part of it. Live a beautiful life, don’t settle for just “being” there, …. you are meant to SHINE!!!!

These are a few of the many secrets to eternal beauty. Beauty comes from within, make your uniqueness stand out! Your are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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