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Favorite Products

My number 1 picks of the week

The skin care industry is saturated with product lines, not knowing what works and doesn’t can become costly and aggravating, not only to your wallet, but your face as well. Have you ever wondered if your current products are as effective as they claim to be? If this is your question, then the natural answer is “NO” they don’t work, and by piling up more, they will work less. Out with the old and on to the new!!! Keep your cabinet simple and clear, the way your skin should look, less is more!

First, inspect the expiration dates, then check the products, if separated, toss it! Stat fresh, part from old habits, begin your new regimen to a more radiant you! Have fun doing it.

This week, I would like to feature some of my favorite products, hopefully this will help your next purchase.

Todays picks for sensitive/reactive skin


Awesome skin care lines! Guinot is French, Babor and Biodroga are German. I hope this was helpful to you! As always thank you for reading and Pass the Blog!

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