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Blissfully Calm

1, 2, and 3 … center and calm yourself.

Breathe in, and breathe out, calm yourself and find that happy place.

How much more cliché can you get? According to psychological studies stress damages the skin as well as our health. How? Think about it, when we worry our minds are in a state of anxiety, causing individuals to panic about situations or problems, possibly resulting in making poor choices and mistakes, not to mention the domino effect to our internal health. A stressed person may forget to eat regularly, take vitamins, or  drink water (which is imperative to our organism); however, one may also indulge in food, alcohol, and/or drugs, all having negative effects to our mind and body.

Snooze time is also a factor, stress causes sleep deprivation causing dark circles under eyes, (dark circles are not always a sign of stress,  depends on health conditions, and ethnicity as well), taking away from the radiance of skin complexion, triggering breakouts, allergies, and many more skin problems. Lack of sleep also causes premature aging and sleep disorders. Avoid staying up late, we all need our Beauty Sleep, if stress is interfering with the rest you desperately need, seek ways to calm your mind, try meditation, swimming, yoga, or anything that relaxes your nerves, or makes you smile.

Calm yourself by centering your emotions. Don’t be another statistic related to stress! Life is beautiful, cherish every single moment!!!

Thank you for reading, and as always “Pass the Blog“!

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