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Racing for Youth

Is a youthful appearance worth time, money and effort? Many people ask themselves this question, first let’s thank the media, movie stars, and entertainment industry for the answer, which is a big fat “YES”. I would love to argue, and validate “our natural perfection”, unfortunately I am unable to do so. Considering I reside in Southern California, the land of the beauty, where stars are abundant and top plastic surgeons right beside them?

With many different options available, how does anyone know where, how much, or which treatment to pick? The choice is essentially yours, however a great dermatologist will guide you to a better and natural you, without gouging your bank account.

How to choose a doctor or surgeon?

As the quest for eternal youth begins, look around! From my professional opinion, anything cosmetic is aesthetically pleasing, natural, and subtle. Recommendations from another doctor or a close friend, are the best when selecting a doctor or surgeon; don’t settle with one, but gather a few numbers, make a few appointments, and find someone who you can relate to and feel comfortable with.

Don’t be shy! Ask if they have a patient portfolio you can look at! Before and after pictures are priceless in choosing the right doctor for you, flip through the pages, ask questions, i.e. success rates in procedure or complications due to surgery, and recovery time (may vary depending on age, health, or other conditions).

Is your doctor Board Certified? Ask him/her, knowing the field your doctor is certified in is imperative to the results you want; also, do your own research! You may find information regarding your doctor online Doctorfinder

Are you racing for youth? If so, please be safe, choose carefully, don’t forget to ask questions and be comfortable doing it!

As always, thank you for reading, and please “Pass the Blog”!

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