The Secret of Skin Nourishment

My mother is by far one of the most beautiful, healthy, and intelligent woman I have ever met, she looks amazing, she’s funny and witty, with a sharp mind. I know, some of you may think “Of course you think that, she’s your mother …. ” , but that’s not the case.  Yes, I love her dearly, looking at her from a stranger perspective she has beautiful skin, a head of healthy and full hair, and a stunning shapely body.

What I’ve learned through the years is “Our body is an amazing machine, and it is our duty to keep it healthy”.

Still with me here? …. Good! What is the secret to amazing, supple, and radiant skin? Good nutrients of course! Small changes to our diet make a world of difference, and it’s never too late to start 🙂

Good nutrients are proteins, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals. My mom loves raw almonds, they are high in mono-unsaturated fats, vitamin E and one of the best sources of vegetable protein; eating a handful of raw almonds every few hours will help stabilize blood sugars and boost your energy.

Making your own trail mix is fun and a healthy snack

  • 1 cup  raw almonds
  • 1 cup pumpkin seeds
  • 1/2 cup raisins (I prefer golden raisins)
  • 1/2 cup dried cherries and pomegranate seed (or cranberries)

You can find all of  the ingredients at your local health food store, we prefer Whole Foods.

Refined sugars have negative effects to our health, they inhibit white blood cells efficiency, (which help fight bacteria and infections), avoiding these sugars from our daily diet are imperative to our overall well-being, e.g., will help boost your natural energy, decrease blood fats, including the slowing down of the skin aging process.

I would like to thank my mom for sharing this valuable secret to a more beautiful and radiant skin, which now I’m sharing with you!  🙂


Thank you for reading, feel free to comment, and as always …..  “Pass the Blog“!

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